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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

Call for Participation · Showcase Papers

Important Dates

We would like to “showcase” the work of a group of people at a university or company laboratory from a variety of geographic places. We especially encourage submissions from the greater Asian and Australasia regions, though we of course welcome submissions from other parts of the world. This also should be an excellent venue for those new to the CSCW conference to introduce the work of their group to the attendees.

A submission should describe the work of the group or laboratory in enough detail that a reader will understand the kind of work being done. It would also be useful to refer to representative projects and to publications that have emerged from this work. The submission should highlight the various broad CSCW themes of the group (e.g., mobile computing, entertainment, collaboration, groupware, ….). We are also interested in the way in which the work relates to the location of the group. Therefore, your submission should address such questions as: What does it mean to do work on your theme in the region in which you work? What does the location of your lab uniquely able you to do? What kinds of interconnections do you have with other labs or regions? We will organize these Showcase Papers either thematically or geographically, depending on the kinds of submissions we receive.

Submissions will be reviewed for their relevance to CSCW and the vitality of the group’s work (as assessed, in part, by the kinds of projects described and/or the publications that have resulted). We are looking for submissions that feature the work of a group, not from an individual researcher. This is a new submission category, so if you have any questions, please contact

Submissions can be up to 8 pages, and will be archived in the ACM Digital Library. Use the HCI Archive Format for your submission, but be sure to submit it to the Showcase Papers.

Showcase Papers Co-chairs

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