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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

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Important Dates

The Videos Program provides a venue to present work that highlights the dynamics of interaction and is difficult to convey in a paper-only format. Examples of this include:

We're hoping to get lots of submissions this year. We strongly encourage original videos specifically aimed at this track. We also encourage authors of videos that accompany CSCW papers, notes, and demonstrations to consider submitting the videos to this track. Finally, we encourage authors to submit work based on existing videos; these videos should not have been published at an ACM conference, and the revised version should be clearly relevant to CSCW.

A panel of reviewers will review video submissions for their technical content, communication effectiveness, production quality, interest, and relevance to CSCW. Our plan is to do a fairly public commenting process, something like alt.chi, using YouTube as our platform. It's an experiment, and hopefully a fun one that will get additional exposure for your videos.

Accepted videos will be continually shown during the conference; the most highly rated videos will be featured at a prominent venue. They will be published by ACM (the authors retain copyright) and will be distributed at the conference to attendees. Abstracts of videos will be published in the electronic proceedings distributed at the conference.

Examples of Successful Videos

UIST 2009

Interaction Techniques and Tabletop Coordination
CSCW 2005

I/O Brush
CHI 2006

Seamless Media Design
CSCW 1994

CSCW 2000

GroupKit - A Groupware Toolkit
CSCW 1994

Submission Guidelines

Submissions will include two parts:

  1. A video in digital format. We request that you make your digital submissions in Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Format, MPEG, or DV-AVI. Videos may be no longer than five minutes. Because CSCW is an international event, we are happy to accept videos in languages other than English; however, these videos should include English subtitles to increase their accessibility to reviewers and the audience.
  2. An abstract, in English, that briefly notes the contents of the video and describes how it fits the CSCW literature and audience. Abstracts should be two pages maximum in the Extended Abstract Format. If you are submitting a video illustration that accompanies a Paper, Note, or Demonstration, please make that clear in the abstract. Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format.

Video Submission Instructions

Please send an email to: with “CSCW Video Submission” in the subject line and the following information in the email text:

Do not attach the video or the abstract. Please name the video ContactAuthorsLastName.extension and the abstract ContactAuthorsLastName.pdf on the server where they reside.

Additional Help for Video Editing

Several packages are available to help you author your videos. Free authoring packages are included in both Windows (Windows Movie Maker) and MacOS (iMovie) platforms. Tutorials can be found here:

We further encourage you to look at this guide to a successful video submission (though note that for CSCW 2011 there is a five-minute limit).

Please send any and all questions to

Videos Co-chairs

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