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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

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The CSCW 2011 logo is meant to evoke a moon bridge of the type commonly found throughout Hangzhou. The moon bridge itself symbolizes the conference theme, “Building Bridges.” The reflection in the water completes the moon shape, while also inviting the viewer to reflect on the conference theme. The combined shapes form a human eye, suggesting an opportunity to envision the world through an Asian perspective.

The CSCW 2011 logo and website were designed by Kurt Luther, with help from John Tang.


The banner photograph on every page depicts Hangzhou's West Lake at sunset, with a moon bridge in the foreground and Leifeng Pagoda illuminated in the distance.

The photo was taken by Pedronet. It has been modified and used with permission through a CC-Attribution 2.0 license.


Some of the icons used throughout this website come from the Silk collection, which is available for use via a CC-Attribution 2.5 license.

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