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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

Advance Program · Interactive Papers

Reception Papers

Monday, March 21, 19:00–21:00

Social Infobox: Collaborative Knowledge Construction by Social Property Tagging

i-Sensor Inference Model for Assessing Trustworthiness in Computer-Mediated Communications

Eliciting Risk Perceptions with an Online Game: Preliminary Results

MagicMirror: Towards Enhancing Collaborative Rehabilitation Practices

Types of Newcomers in an Online Developer Community

Temporal Patterns of Cohesiveness in Virtual Groups

Integrating Twitter into Wiki to support informal awareness

Towards support for collaborative navigation in complex indoor environments

SPARSH: Passing Data using the Body as a Medium

A Dive Into Online Community Properties

Evaluating a Smart Working Environment with a Digital Card Game Prototype

A menu-planning support system to facilitate communication among neighbors

The Tree of Knowledge: A Localized Collective Intelligence Tool

Your and My Little Sprout

Towards requirements engineering for a tumour removing robot: work-practice observation of surgical teams performing brain tumour surgery

Designing for Context-Aware Self-Monitoring Feedback and Engagement

Defining Ontology by Using Users Collaboration on Social Media

Interactions with real and digital elements for collaborative document creation

Intellectual Property Policy and Attractiveness: A Longitudinal Study of Free and Open Source Software Projects

A Production Monitoring and Data Processing System for the Textile Enterprise Based on Multi-Agent

Analyzing patterns in composing teaching materials from the Web

Environmental Jolts: Impact of Exogenous Factors on Online Community Participation

PRIMIExperience: Experience Sampling via Instant Messaging

Express Location: supporting coordination of mobile delivery work

Working with ‘Mission Control’ in Scientific Fieldwork: Supporting Interactions between In Situ and Distanced Collaborators

Web-Based Multipointer Interaction on Shared Displays

Automatic Adjustment of a Virtual Teacher’s Model in a Learning Support System

Surprise Grabber: a Co-located Tangible Social Game Using Phone Hand Gestures

Are artificial team-mates scapegoats in computer games?

Study of User Interruptibility Estimation Based on Focused Application Switching

Clinical Journal: A Collaborative Shared Medical Workspace

Using multiple scores for transcribing the distributed activities of a family

Bidirectional Graze in Remote Computer Mediated Collaboration:Setup and Intial Results from Pair-Programming

Different Time Management Behaviors of Germans, Chinese and Japanese

Supporting Generation Y Interactions: Challenges for Office Work

"Kinected Conference": Augmenting Video Imaging with Calibrated Depth and Audio

Interactive Papers Co-chairs

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