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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

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Social Computing in China

Monday, March 21, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom II

Chair: Jenn Thom-Santelli

Microblogging after a Major Disaster in China: A Case Study of the 2010 Yushu Earthquake

Enterprise Blogging in a Global Context: Comparing Chinese and American Practices

Best Paper Nominee

Virtual Gifts and Guanxi: Supporting Social Exchange in a Chinese Online Community

The ICT that Binds

Monday, March 21, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom III

Chair: Bob Moore

Understanding Technology Choices and Values through Social Class

CoupleVIBE: Mobile Implicit Communication to improve Awareness for (Long-Distance) Couples

(Whose) Value-Sensitive Design? A Study of Long-Distance Relationships in an Arabic Cultural Context

Making Invisible Visible

Monday, March 21, 16:30–18:00in Ballroom II

Chair: Kori Inkpen

Chalk Sounds: The Effects of Dynamic Synthesized Audio on Workspace Awareness in Distributed Groupware

Improving Visibility of Remote Gestures in Distributed Tabletop Collaboration

A GPU based, projective multi-texturing approach to reconstructing the 3D human form for application in tele-presence

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Monday, March 21, 16:30–18:00in Ballroom III

Chair: N Sadat Shami

Best Paper Nominee

The Politics of Comments: Predicting Political Orientation of News Stories with Commenters' Sentiment Patterns

Best Paper Nominee

“We will never forget you [online]”: An empirical investigation of post-mortem MySpace comments

Towards Quality Discourse in Online News Comments

Real-Time Groupware

Tuesday, March 22, 9:00–10:30in Ballroom II

Chair: Jakob Bardram

Real-Time Groupware in the Browser: Testing the Performance of Web-Based Networking

Best Paper Nominee

It’s About Time: Confronting Latency in the Development of Groupware Systems

Back to the Future: A Hybrid Approach to Transparent Sharing of Video Games over the Internet in Real Time

Personality & Profiles

Tuesday, March 22, 9:00–10:30in Ballroom III

Chair: Vanessa Evers

Sociable Killers: Understanding Social Relationships in an Online First-Person Shooter Game

“I’ll press Play, but I won’t listen”: Profile Work in a Music-focused Social Network Service

Blog Tells What Kind of Personality You Have: Egogram Estimation from Japanese Weblog

Best Note Nominee

Contact Stratification and Deception: Blackberry Messenger versus SMS Use Among Students

Distributed Teams

Tuesday, March 22, 11:00–12:30in Ballroom II

Chair: David Millen

Best Paper Nominee

From Ethnographic Study to Mixed Reality: A Remote Collaborative Troubleshooting System

Your Time Zone or Mine? A Study of Globally Time Zone-Shifted Collaboration

Collaborative Rhythm: Temporal Dissonance and Alignment in Collaborative Scientific Work

Creating Context for Collaboration

Tuesday, March 22, 11:00–12:30in Ballroom III

Chair: Bonnie Nardi

Creating a Context of Trust with ICTs: Restoring a Sense of Normalcy in the Environment

From Diversity to Creativity: Stimulating Group Brainstorming with Cultural Differences and Conversationally-Retrieved Pictures

Best Paper Nominee

Designing Incentives for Inexpert Human Raters


Tuesday, March 22, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom I

Chair: Volker Wulf

Do You Want to Know? Recommending Strangers in the Enterprise

Browse and Discover: Social File Sharing in the Enterprise

Best Note Nominee

Look Ma, No Email! Blogs and IRC as Primary and Preferred Communication Tools in a Distributed Firm

Working Around Official Applications: Experiences from a Large Engineering Project

Organizational Acculturation and Social Networking

Photo sharing in diverse distributed teams

Social Computing

Tuesday, March 22, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom II

Chair: Amy Voida

Increasing Commitment to Online Communities by Designing for Social Presence

Thanks and Tweets: Comparing Two Public Displays

“It's not that I don't have problems, I'm just not putting them on Facebook”: Challenges and Opportunities in Using Online Social Networks for Health

Best Note Nominee

Forget Online Communities? Revisit Cooperative Work!

Peaks and Persistence: Modeling the Shape of Microblog Conversations

Identity and Self-Disclosure

Tuesday, March 22, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom III

Chair: Sara Kiesler

Faceted Identity, Faceted Lives: Social and Technical Issues with Being Yourself Online

Best Paper Nominee

SELECT * FROM USER: Infrastructure and Socio-technical Representation

Network Properties and Social Sharing of Emotions in Social Awareness Streams

Me and My Avatar: Exploring Users’ Comfort with Avatars for Workplace Communication

Best Note Nominee

A Tale of Two Languages: Strategic Self-Disclosure via Language Selection on Facebook

With A Little Help From My Friends: Can Social Navigation Inform Interpersonal Privacy Preferences?

Inferring Patterns from Usage Data in Programming and Search

Wednesday, March 23, 9:00–10:30in Ballroom II

Chair: Patrick Wagstrom

“Not My Bug!” and Other Reasons for Software Bug Report Reassignments

Peer Interaction Effectively, yet Infrequently, Enables Programmers to Discover New Tools

Best Paper Nominee

Three Sequential Positions for Query Repair in Interactions with Internet Search Engines

Shared Workspaces

Wednesday, March 23, 11:00–12:30in Ballroom II

Chair: John Tang

Supporting Air Traffic Control Collaboration with a TableTop System

Best Paper Nominee

See what I'm saying? Using dyadic mobile eye tracking to study collaborative reference

Using F-formations to analyse spatial patterns of interaction in physical environments

Health Care

Wednesday, March 23, 11:00–12:45in Ballroom III

Chair: Pernille Bjørn

Activity Analysis — Applying Activity Theory to Analyze Complex Work in Hospitals

Coordinating Time-Critical Work with Role-Tagging

Improving Communication and Social Support for Caregivers of High-Risk Infants through Mobile Technologies

Health Information Use in Chronic Care Cycles


Wednesday, March 23, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom II

Chair: Louise Barkhuus

Scientific Software Production: Incentives and Collaboration

Research Team Integration: What It Is and Why It Matters

The Values of Data: Considering the Context of Production in Data Economies

Under the Hood

Wednesday, March 23, 14:30–16:00in Ballroom III

Chair: Steve Voida

Best Paper Nominee

Scheduling in Variable-Core Collaborative Systems

ReConMUC - Adaptable consistency requirements for efficient large-scale multi-user chat

An operational transformation based synchronization protocol for Web 2.0 applications

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