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The 2011 ACM Conference on
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
March 19–23, 2011 · Hangzhou, China

T8: Operational Transformation Theory and Practice: Empowering Real-world Collaborative Applications

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Duration and schedule

Half-day (2:30pm - 6:00pm), March 19, 2011


Operational Transformation (OT) is a technology for supporting a wide range of collaboration functions and applications. Due to its lock-free, non-blocking, unconstrained interaction, and fine-grained concurrency properties, OT is particularly suitable for supporting real-time collaboration over the Internet. Grounded on over one-decade academic research, OT has emerged as the choice of collaboration technology in major industrial applications (Google Docs/Wave). This tutorial provides a broad and in-depth coverage of OT theory and practice: from core algorithms to real-world applications. It includes an overview of representative collaborative techniques, and detailed explanation of OT solutions to complex distributed collaboration problems and supporting advanced collaborative applications. Working systems (OTXplorer, CoWord, CoMaya) will be used to help audiences understand the intricacy and capability of OT.

Instructor biography

Dr Chengzheng Sun is a full Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His current research focuses on Internet-based collaborative computing technologies and applications. Since 1994, Dr Sun has been the leader and principal investigator of CoWord, CoPowerPoint, CoMaya, and OTXplorer projects (, which have made important contributions to the theory and practical application of the Operational Transformation (OT) technology and collaborative editing systems. Dr Sun has published extensively and delivered seminars and tutorials on OT and collaborative editing widely at major international conferences and research institutes/universities.

Learning objectives

After this course, the attendee will learn:

Tutorial program

During the tutorial, audiences will have access to the OTXplorer, CoWord and CoMaya systems to explore and learn the power and intricacies of OT.

Intended audience

General knowledge in computer science is assumed for attendees.

Supplemental information

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